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How It Works
On your first visit to The Centre, you will meet with a staff member who will determine your needs, and connect you with the appropriate departments. As not all of our services are based in the same location, all patients are taken through a standardized intake process before meeting with specific care providers.
To begin your intake process, please contact us.
Family Medicine

Don't have a family doctor? Let us help!


Mental health support through your journey.


Hormonal transition help, without jumping through endless hoops.

Nursing Support

Not all medical issues require a doctor.


Whether you're struggling to navigate coming out, transition, or just regular life as a gender diverse individual, we're here to help you.

Urogynocology & Gynocology

Regardless of biology, we all need someone to help us look after our body.

Social Work

Trans people experience precarious work and housing situations at rates much higher than the general population. That's why our social workers are here to support you.

Peer Support

Sometimes all it takes is a friendly face and the knowledge that you're talking to someone else who has been where you are.


Our educational partners work inside and outside of the community to destigmatize gender diversity.  

Click here to find out more.


Adjoined to The Centre is the Mill Creek Medi-Drugs, a queer run and trans-affirming pharmacy.


Safe and permanent hair removal provided by our on site esthetician.

Family Resilience Project

Embedded within The Centre, The Family Resilience Project by ISMSS offers free short-term counselling to 2SLGBTQ+ children, youth, and families.

Find out more here.

Voice & Mannerism Coaching:
Your Voice

The Your Voice program offers coaching for individuals seeking assistance in finding the voice and body language that best expresses the person they know they are. A technical and cognitive approach explores your habitual communication patterns and seeks to produce a healthy and supported vocal and physical instrument that is more in line with your gender identity. Appropriate for all ages.

Banner Image Credit: The Gender Spectrum Collection,

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