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Staff & Contractors

Our People

Due to the inter-agency nature of our approach, many of our practitioners come to us through other organizations and for varied periods of time. Additionally, we wouldn't exist without the hard work of our volunteers and the huge number of community organizers working throughout the Edmonton area.


Below is a list of some of the folks you'll see around The Centre on a regular basis. 

Dr Ariadne Daniel - she/her

Fertility Specialist

Dr Dylan Moulton - he/him

Clinical Pharmacist and Pharmacy Manager

Dr Gail Knudson - she/her


Murray Goodwin - he/him

Registered Social Worker Clinician

Dr Mark Armstrong - he/him

Family Physician

Dr Lorraine Durand - she/her

Family Physician

Allison Thompson - she/her

Clinic Admin

Sarah Alexander - she/her

Executive Director

Alana Hawley Purvis - she/her

Voice & Mannerisms Coach

Kyler Jullyan - he/him

Medical Aesthetician

CASA Therapist

Rotating Therapists (email for details)

Cora Henderson - she/her


Dr Andrea Skorenki - she/her


Dr Alex Di Nimmo - he/him

Child Psychiatrist

Katie Cutting - she/her, they

Communications and IT Coordinator

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