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Below is our inagural board. This is an incomplete list, as we are taking the time to confirm that each of our board members consent to being publicly named.
More to come! 

Dr Michael Marshall - he/him

Founder and Medical Director

QTBIPOC community member, Psychiatrist

Dr Anna Rogers - she/her

Board Secretary


Daniela Chávez Vega - she/her

Board Member

Social worker, Educator, Full Spectrum Doula

Dylan Moulton - he/him

Board Member


Dr Cathy Flood - she/her

Board Member

Uro-gynecologist, Surgeon

Dr Julia Chronopoulos - she/her

Board Member

Family Physician

Chris Adebayo Katiti - he/him, they

Board Member

QTBIPOC Liaison, Activist

More positions opening soon!

Check back regularly!

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